Artwork from the Original Fighting Irish Print Series by Revere La Noue.


Original Fighting Irish, Through the Storm, 2016 (limited edition standard size)
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"Through the Storm" continues the tradition of the Original Fighting Irish Print series.  The storm and the field convey the ethos of working through adversity towards a larger ambition.  It is about being “lucky” enough to work toward, and fight for, our core beliefs as humans, family members, teammates, and citizens. This is a numbered, dated, limited edition print of Original Fighting Irish, Through the Storm, 2016 signed by Revere La Noue.  Only eight prints will be made of each size of this signed, limited edition.   Each print is made with the highest-quality, heavy, archival etching paper and comes with an artist statement and certificate of authenticity. 

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The Original Fighting Irish, Pride and Courage is a print by Revere La Noue

To me, "Fighting Irish" is an ethic more than an ethnicity. Survivors of the Potato Famine, The Fighting Irish Brigade of the American Civil War, immigrant railroad crews, priests and soldiers, farmers and builders, this print tells the story of millions of people who embody the name Fighting Irish. I wanted to make a print that honored the hardworking generations of men and women that fought for the privileges I have today. I come from a line of Ohio farmers and Indiana factory workers. Their willingness to grind towards the American dream has flooded my life with opportunities. One of those was to be a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame as a midfielder on the Fighting Irish lacrosse team.  As a team, we practiced in the rain, sleet, and snow. I remember running sprints until I became sick to my stomach, and then, after a 30-second break, sprinting again. We worked at 6 a.m. and we worked at 11p.m. We wore our colors with great pride, and, win or lose, we fought. My experience as an athlete at Notre Dame helped me understand the value of gut wrenching hard work, the true essence of team, and the tremendous power of tradition. It made me think of the generations of people who built those values and chose courage over comfort, and valor over convenience. This print is a tribute to the generations of Americans of all ethnicities who gave spirit to the name "Fighting Irish." It is my hope that these prints will hang in the homes and workplaces of people who share these values and create a painted horizon of FIGHTING IRISH across the country.  Open edition prints are available below...(limited edition prints are sold out)