NEH work samples

A selection of work by Revere La Noue representing the experience and vision he brings as a co-director and collaborator on the "Untitled Falconry Documentary Project" under consideration for a National Endowment for the Humanities Bridging Cultures Through Film grant.

With the support of a Kodak Film Grant, Revere La Noue made "Portrait of a Glitch," a short experimental documentary film exploring the relationship between theoretical astrophysics and understanding beauty in the natural world.  It premiered nationally at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and is screened in genomics classes at the Stanford University School of Medicine. 

Below are images from a set of figurative and impressionistic prints that tell the stories of American collegiate icons. La Noue began his work on the histories and traditions behind mascots with “The Original Fighting Irish Print Series” exploring the cultural significance of the Fighting Irish and then created 12 other series.  One of the biggest goals of this project was to tell untold stories to new audiences.  Within the first year, pieces from this project were hung in public and private collections in 42 states.

In 2010 Revere La Noue created Bronco Epic a 6500 sq ft. print commissioned by Western Michigan University based on the natural behavior, physiology and mythology of wild horses.  We hope to do similar large format exhibitions of imagery created during production of Untitled Falconry Documentary.

Revere La Noue creates these "quadragraphs" to recontextualize human habitats.  He debuted his quadragraphs in 2012 as part of an exhibition at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum that drew a record number 100,000 visitors in two weeks.