Revere La Noue is a contemporary artist and filmmaker.  After working and training in Washington D.C., California, and New York, he has set up a studio and exhibition space in Durham, NC.  He is an innovator and collaborator always looking for new techniques and new artists to push the frontier of visual storytelling.

Revere La Noue is a contemporary artist, filmmaker, and consultant working all over the world.  His latest project "Targyle" is an art, fashion, and experimental media collaboration with renown fashion designer Alexander Julian.  

Five tapestries featuring "Targyle" artwork by Revere La Noue hang from Memorial Hall during the Rammy Award show on the campus of The University of North Carolina.

Frames from a work-in-progress projection show.

He is currently in pre-production for a film and multi-surfaced projection exhibit about falconry in different cultures around the world from the bedouins of Mongolia to the Sheiks of Dubai.    

sketch for a carpet motif inspired by the gyrfalcon

sketch for a carpet motif inspired by the gyrfalcon

In 2010, he started creating a series of artwork about America’s great icons, via impressionistic depictions of their often forgotten origin stories.  Within the first year, pieces from this series were hung in public and private collections in 42 states.  His painting and subsequent print series The Original Fighting Irish received national media attention for its influence on college sports.  The art was made as an embodiment of his experiences as an athlete and to honor the generations of Americans of all ethnicities who gave spirit to the name Fighting Irish.

"I come from a line of Ohio farmers and Indiana factory workers.  Their willingness to grind towards the American dream has flooded my life with opportunities.  One of those was to be a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame."  

detail from The Original Fighting Irish

In 2011, he was commissioned to create a four-story, 6500 sq ft., fine art print of stampeding broncos that wrapped around the corner of a city block; it is believed to be the largest fine art print ever created.

 In 2012, he exhibited a solo show with works of paintings, photographs, and prints featuring the art and architecture of Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Later the same year, his exhibition of experimental photography depicting the city of Detroit was part of a show at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum that drew a record number 100,000 visitors in two weeks. 


As a filmmaker Mr. La Noue has collaborated with a wide range of organizations including National Geographic, HBO, NBC Sports, The New Yorker Magazine, The National Science Foundation, The National Institutes for Child Health and Human Development, The University System of Maryland, and Stanford University Medical School. He is proud that his work has made a strong social impact as an educational tool, a case for conservation, a vessel of inspiration for communities in need of support around the country, and as a medical resource saving lives on five continents around the globe. His film projects are shown theatrically, in festivals, on national television, in educational forums and have extensive online followings. He is frequently called upon to consult with other filmmakers and business leaders to help refine their vision, build emotive texture and suggest unconventional solutions to storytelling problems. He served for two years as a creative advisor to HBO’s “The Loving Story” which was short-listed for an Academy Award and won an Emmy and a Peabody Award in 2013.

Cinematographer, Andreas Burgeas, shot inside snow globes created by Revere La Noue as interpretations of dreams and memoirs for the hybrid Documentary IN SO MANY WORDS 


Revere La Noue has a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s Degree from the Documentary Film and Video Program at Stanford University.  He received additional training at The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia, The Pratt School in New York, The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., and Université Catholique De L’Ouest in Angers, France.

Art critic Veruka with Revere La Noue

Art critic Veruka with Revere La Noue

 "Good art nurtures the better side of ourselves."